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Bakya Mo Neneng

Composer: Suarez, Santiago
Lyricist: Dominador Santiago
Performer: Relly Coloma (Organ)
Album: Bakya Mo Neneng
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Key / Mode: D minor – F major – D major
Genre: Songs of Appreciation / Praise / Tribute
Form: Balitaw
Historical Period: Contemporary
Date of Composition: 1946
Movie Scoring: Theme of the movie by the same title directed by Consuelo P. Osorio and produced by Premiere Productions in 1947 starring Rosa del Rosario and Leopoldo Salcedo
About the Song: Inspired by the lowly bakya (wooden clogs) which was the standard footwear during the Japanese Occupation, this vocal duet in balitaw style was the first in a series of Tagalog movie musicals based on the compositions of Suarez. The soprano and baritone texts are contrary to each other, with the former being idealistic, "extolling the simple but honorable Filipino whose pain and sufferings are assuaged by the beauty of the kundiman and balitaw," while the latter landing on a more realistic plane, speaks of a love symbolized by a discarded bakya. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art., vol. 6, p. 227)