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Tito Arevalo (View Compositions)

March 29, 1911 - December 4, 2000

Birth Place: Tondo, Manila
Father: Hermogenes Ilagan
Mother: Casiana de Leon

Tito Arevalo, also known as Eustacio de Leon Ilagan, took private music lessons and had a public career as a lawyer. He was musically inclined and while he was growing up, he became an actor of the Compañia Zarzuela Ilagan headed by his father. His first music teacher was Simeon Resurreccion from Bigaa, Bulacan. He graduated from the University of Manila National Law College. Before he became a lawyer, he worked as a pianist for the movies and as a musician in clubs and for an orchestra.

After the Second World War, Tito Arevalo joined the American Forces that performed in different army camps in the Philippines and abroad. After serving in the army, he went back to working as an actor and music writer for the movies. He was given a FAMAS award for his music in the movie “Diego Silang,” which also won the Maria Clara Award.

For a long time, he worked with Fernando Poe Productions. He wrote music for movies such as: “Duque de Borgonia,” “Scavenger,” “Obra Maestra,” “Student Canteen,” “Sweethearts,” “Shirley, My Darling,” and “Aawitan Kita,” among others.