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Featured Song: Salidommay

The folk song Salidommay (or Salidomay) is popular among the mountain peoples of Northern Luzon, especially among the Bontok, Ifugao, Kalinga, and Itneg. The melody of the song, supposedly adapted from the songs of the Kalingas, has become the most popular among Igorot songs.

Different ethnic groups have their own versions of the song, usually sung during gatherings and celebrations. There are also salidomay songs for different occasions such as weddings, wakes, and other social gatherings.

It can be a greeting song, sung when welcoming people to one’s home. But it can also be a song of farewell, sung by men when bidding goodbye to young women after a wedding or festivity.


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Salidommay (Western Bontoc) music score
(Source: Philippine folk literature series volume VII: the folk songs)