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Paruparong Bukid

Album: Mga Awiting Pilipino
Notes: Folk Song
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Key / Mode: C major
Genre: Songs of Social Commentary - Satire
Form: Balitaw
Style: Modern Choral Arrangement
Movie Scoring: Adapted as title of the 1938 Sampaguita film musical, under the direction of Octavio Silos, starring Elsa Oria. This film is the first among many which was inspired by the song.
About the Song: A country lass is likened to a butterfly fluttering about in her wide-sleeved camisa and sayang de cola (blouse and long-trained skirt). She adorns her hair with a simple yet fancy comb and prims herself up before the mirror before sashaying down the street, her embroidered slip peeking out of her skirt. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, v. 6, p. 262-263)
Cultural Community: Tagalog