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Ngayon at Kailanman


Composer: Canseco, George
Lyricist: George Masangkay Canseco
Arranger: Amado Triviño
Performer: Julius Paredes and Maribeth Gonzaga
Album: Sarungbanggi
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Key / Mode: D major
Genre: Songs of Love and Courtship
Form: Pop Ballad
Historical Period: Contemporary
Date of Composition: 1977
Premiere Performance: First sung by Basil Valdez
Movie Scoring: In 1992, Willy Cruz arranged the song for the movie of the same title which was produced by Viva Films with Sharon Cuneta and Richard Gomez as lead stars.
About the Song: "A potent example of the successful fusion of genuine Pinoy sentiments and urbane lifestyles minus the overriding mush." Its interpretation by Basil Valdez won the top prize at the LIKHA: Awit Pambata Grand Finals held at the CCP in 1979. It also bagged a major award at the Pacific Song Contest in New Zealand. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, v. 6, p. 258-259)