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Minamahal Kita


Composer: Velarde, Mike Jr.
Lyricist: Dominador Santiago
Arranger: Amado Triviño
Performer: Leo Valdez
Album: Sarungbanggi
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Key / Mode: F major
Genre: Songs of Love and Courtship
Form: Balse (Waltz)
Historical Period: American Period
Date of Composition: 1937
Premiere Performance: First performed by Elsa Oria in the 1940 movie "Niña Bonita"
Movie Scoring: "Niña Bonita" (1940)
About the Song: This light, winsome, and playful song is also subtly romantic. It is described as urbane and sophisticated reflective of the mood of Americanized Manila in the 1930s. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 254)