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Maalaala Mo Kaya


Composer: De Guzman, Constancio
Lyricist: Constancio De Guzman
Arranger: Amado Triviño
Performer: Beverly Salviejo and Nomer Son
Album: Sarungbanggi
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Key / Mode: G major
Genre: Songs of Love and Courtship
Form: Danza
Historical Period: American Period
Date of Composition: 1940
Movie Scoring: Performed by Carmen Rosales and Rogelio de la Rosa in the 1954 movie of the same title produced by Sampaguita Pictures
About the Song: Expressing a couple's promise of a love that will transcend time and death, this song has three parts, with the lovers answering each other in the second part. It is set in the slow duple time of the danza, a style well-known for the harana (serenade). (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 249)