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Kay Ganda ng Ating Musika


Composer: Cayabyab, Ryan
Lyricist: Ryan Pujante Cayabyab
Arranger: Jun Latonio
Performer: Kuh Ledesma
Album: Ako ay Pilipino
Ako ay Pilipino's Cover
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Key / Mode: D major; coda on Eb major
Genre: Songs of Appreciation / Praise / Tribute
Form: Pop Rock
Historical Period: Contemporary
Date of Composition: 1978
Premiere Performance: First performed by Hajji Alejandro in the First Metro Manila Popular Music Festival in 1978 where it won the grand prize.
About the Song: A timely piece of musical creation, the song upholds Filipino nationalism in music, describing metaphorically the wonderful experience of discovering the gift of song. Emphatically expressed in the chorus, which is endowed with powerful recall, is a feeling of national pride in a homeland's own music. (From the CCP Encyclopedia of Philippine Art, vol. 6, p. 244)